Career Development

Welcome to the New Life Facility, a place dedicated to nurturing holistic growth and development in individuals across all aspects of life. At New Life, our paramount objective is to empower individuals in their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment. We recognize the significance of embarking on a career path that aligns with one's passions and aspirations, and therefore, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for career development. Through a range of services such as career assessments, specialized certification trainings, meticulous resume construction, and strategic job search planning and execution, New Life Facility serves as a beacon of guidance for those seeking to establish themselves in their chosen fields. Our holistic approach ensures that individuals not only receive practical tools for career advancement but also gain the confidence and insight needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of professional opportunities. Join us at New Life Facility, where the journey to a brighter future begins with unlocking your true potential. 

*Its important to note many of these classes are not conducted directly at the New Life Facility but clients come to the facility to do the step by step work with a counselor to ensure completion. (Much of the time will be spent completing online course work with a counselor). The certificates are issued from high quality training centers that have been researched and vetted to ensure the certificates you receive are valued and carry professional strength in that industry.

Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist Level 2 (CCIS II) 

A certified crisis intervention specialist is a professional trained to provide immediate assistance and support to individuals experiencing emotional, psychological, or mental distress. These specialists are equipped with the skills to assess the situation, offer emotional support, and help individuals cope with crisis situations. Their training focuses on de-escalation techniques, active listening, empathy, and communication skills. They may work in various settings, including mental health centers, crisis hotlines, hospitals, schools, and community organizations. Some potential jobs that look for a certified crisis intervention specialists include: 

Crisis Hotline Operator

Mental Health Counselor

Emergency Room Social Worker

School Counselor

Community Outreach Worker

Psychiatric Technician

Substance Abuse Counselor

Trauma Counselor

Law Enforcement Liaison

Disaster Response Team Member

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Certified Parenting Instructor (CPI) 

A certified parenting instructor is a professional who is trained to provide guidance, education, and support to parents and caregivers in developing effective parenting skills and strategies. These instructors offer evidence-based information, techniques, and tools to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children and promoting healthy child development. They may work in various settings to assist individuals or groups of parents. Some potential jobs for certified parenting instructors include: 

Parenting Class Facilitator

Parent Coach

Family Support Worker

Childcare Center Consultant

School Parenting Educator

Online Parenting Course Creator

Parenting Blogger or Writer

Therapist or Counselor with Parenting Focus

Parenting Workshop Organizer

Public Speaker

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Certified Anger Management Specialist Level 2 (CAMS level II) 

A certified anger management specialist is a professional who is trained to help individuals identify, understand, and effectively manage their anger and aggressive behaviors. These specialists use evidence-based techniques to teach clients healthier ways of expressing and processing anger, reducing the negative impact it can have on their personal and professional lives. They may work in various settings to provide support and guidance to clients seeking to control their anger. Some potential jobs for certified anger management specialists include: 

Anger Management Counselor

Group Facilitator.

Therapist or Psychologist

Correctional Facility Counselor

Substance Abuse Counselor

Workplace Trainer

Family Therapist

School Counselor

Community Outreach Worker

Online Course Developer

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Registered Alcohol Drug Technician (RADT I) 

A registered alcohol and drug counselor is a professional who specializes in providing support and treatment to individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. These counselors are trained to assess clients' needs, develop personalized treatment plans, and offer therapeutic interventions to help them overcome their substance-related challenges. They work across various settings to facilitate recovery and promote healthier lifestyles. Some potential jobs for registered alcohol and drug counselors include:
Substance Abuse Counselor

Addiction Treatment Center Counselor

Detoxification Facility Counselor

Outpatient Program Counselor

Residential Treatment Counselor

Correctional Facility Counselor

Community Health Centers

Dual Diagnosis Counselor

Prevention and Education Specialist

Telehealth and Online Counseling

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Batterer’s Intervention Facilitator (Domestic Violence) 

A batterer's intervention facilitator, also known as a domestic violence facilitator, is a professional trained to work with individuals who have engaged in abusive behavior within intimate relationships. These facilitators provide group or individual interventions aimed at promoting accountability, addressing underlying issues, and helping participants develop healthy communication and coping skills to prevent future violent behavior. They work to break the cycle of domestic violence and promote respectful and nonviolent relationships. Some potential jobs for batterer's intervention facilitators/domestic violence facilitators include: 

Batterer's Intervention Program Facilitator

Court-Mandated Program Facilitator

Counselor or Therapist

Family Counselor

Social Worker

Mental Health Professional

Community Educator

Rehabilitation Center Staff

Program Coordinator or Director

Teletherapy Provider

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

A registered behavior technician (RBT) is a trained professional who works under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to provide behavioral intervention and support to individuals with behavioral challenges or developmental disorders. RBTs implement behavior plans, collect data on client progress, and assist in teaching new skills to promote positive behaviors and improve the quality of life for their clients. Some potential jobs for registered behavior technicians include: 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapist

School-Based Aide

Early Intervention Specialist

Residential Care Staff

Community Support Worker

ABA Clinic Staff

Parent Trainer

Rehabilitation Centers

Telehealth Provider

Crisis Intervention Specialist

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Google Certified Educator Level 1 

A Google Certified Educator is an individual who has completed training and assessments provided by Google for Education. They have demonstrated proficiency in using Google's suite of educational tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning experiences. These educators are equipped to integrate technology into the classroom effectively. Some potential jobs for Google Certified Educators include: 

Technology Integration Specialist

Instructional Technology Coach

Curriculum Developer

Online Course Developer

Educational Consultant

Professional Development Trainer

EdTech Coordinator

Digital Literacy Coach

Curriculum Specialist

Education Content Creator

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

California Notary 

A California notary is an individual authorized by the state of California to witness and authenticate the signing of important documents, administer oaths, and certify copies of certain documents. Notaries play a vital role in preventing fraud and ensuring the validity of legal transactions. Some potential jobs for California notaries include: 

Mobile Notary

Real Estate Transactions

Legal Offices

Financial Institutions

Title Companies

Healthcare Facilities

Government Offices

Legal Support Services

Estate Planning

Freelance Notary

These jobs often require additional training and schooling

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator 

A real estate transaction coordinator is a professional who assists real estate agents, brokers, and clients in managing the administrative and logistical aspects of a real estate transaction. They play a critical role in ensuring that the process runs smoothly from start to finish by organizing documents, coordinating communication, and facilitating necessary tasks. Some potential jobs for real estate transaction coordinators include: 

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Agent Support

Title Companies

Property Management Companies

Real Estate Development Firms

Real Estate Investment Firms

Escrow Companies

Commercial Real Estate Firms

Online Real Estate Platforms

Freelance Coordinator

These jobs often require additional training and schooling