2024 Events

As we step into the third year of New Life Facility, our commitment to fostering positive change and community engagement has never been stronger. Looking ahead, one of our core objectives is to expand our outreach by curating a roster filled with sober events and support groups throughout the year. Our focus extends beyond providing a physical space for recovery; we aim to establish New Life Facility as a hub for comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment. With a keen emphasis on community involvement, we are thrilled to announce our dedication to hosting a minimum of one impactful community event each month. Our vision centers on creating an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can connect, finding support, unity, and a genuine sense of belonging. These events will not only offer entertainment but will also serve as educational platforms, raising awareness and providing crucial support for those navigating the path to recovery. Each passing month represents a new opportunity for us to make a positive impact, strengthen community bonds, and contribute to the well-being of those we have the privilege to serve. Join us in this transformative journey, anticipating a year brimming with joy, growth, and a shared spirit of resilience and togetherness. 

New Year 2024

Superbowl 2024