Domestic Violence

Batterers Intervention Program

We offer Batterer's Intervention Program using Cognitive-Behavioral Domestic Violence Offender Curriculum. 

We offer the only currently registered National Anger Management Association Domestic Violence Instructors in the High Desert. Our instructors belong to the Association of Batterers Intervention Programs.


4 important areas that educators should help participants better understand and apply are:


Overcoming Stress and Managing Emotions

It is suggested that the stress that comes from unemployment or having a low income as well as having witnessed domestic violence can lead to domestic violence in the home. The CBT programs that have been found to be the most effective in dropping recidivism contain learning about stress reduction in their educational teaching.


Alter participants Violent and Irrational Beliefs

Recognizing, disputing, and altering irrational beliefs should be a major focus of effective CBT programs. Abusive individuals who expressed distorted thinking and irrational beliefs, such as absolute thinking, tended to commit domestic violence when angry more often than those people who did not have that type of thinking.


Identification of Unhealthy and Abusive Interaction Patterns

Aggression has been known to increase when couples jointly heightened their conflicts with negative responses. Identifying behaviors and developing tools to have healthier interactions and effective communication can eliminate domestic violence.


Develop Communication and Conflict Resolution Habits

High conflict is a significant forecaster of relationship aggression. Domestic violence can develop in individuals that have poor communication and conflict resolution skills. Positive communication results in lower levels of domestic violence. Improved communication has been shown to reduce or eliminate domestic violence. CBT education has been shown to be effective in reducing recidivism when communication and conflict resolution skills were taught.