NLF Mascot

Meet the heart and soul of New Life Facility, our beloved mascot, Sonnie the Bearded Dragon. Sonnie isn't just a pet; he's a tiny, scaly ambassador of joy and companionship. With his mesmerizing eyes and a regal demeanor, Sonnie has slithered his way into the hearts of everyone in our community. Whether he's basking under his heat lamp, surveying the bustling activities around him, or playfully flicking his tail in excitement, Sonnie is a symbol of resilience and charm. His mere presence brings smiles and laughter, creating a unique bond that transcends species. As the unofficial guardian of good vibes, Sonnie embodies the spirit of New Life – a place where warmth and connection extend even to our reptilian friends. Join us in celebrating Sonnie, the extraordinary bearded dragon who adds a touch of magic to our daily lives at New Life Facility. 

Sonnie the Mascot