Rummage Sale

The New Life Facility turned into a bustling bazaar of treasures and tales at our recent rummage sale extravaganza! With the altruistic aim of fortifying both the community and the facility, we transformed discarded items into opportunities for new beginnings. It was a carnival of second chances, where old furniture found new homes, forgotten trinkets became cherished possessions, and each purchase contributed to the strength of our shared space. The air buzzed with excitement as savvy shoppers unearthed hidden gems and quirky curiosities. The rummage sale wasn't just about stuff; it was a celebration of community resilience and the art of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. As the sun set on our vibrant sale day, it left behind not just cleared shelves but a strengthened sense of unity and purpose that will continue to echo through the halls of New Life. 

Rummage Sale 2023

June 3rd, 2023