Name: Mr. Jones, BBA

Title: Instructor

Description: I have a background working with clients who have struggled with anger management, domestic violence, and parenting issues. I additionally have worked as a clinician with individuals who are on probation and parole. I am passionate about helping others to grow beyond their past troubles and to move forward.

Certifications: CADCI (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-I), BIPF (Batterer's Intervention Program Facilitator), CAMS-II (Certified Anger Management Specialist-II), CDVS-I (Certified Domestic Violence Specialist-I), CPTS-II (Certified Parent Training Specialist-II), CPI (Certified Parenting Instructor), CCIS-II (Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist-II), Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist Instructor (EDGE system), CAMS Trained (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality), GCEL1 (Google Certified Educator Level 1)

Memberships: CAAMP (California Association of Anger Management Providers), CPEDV (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence), ABIP (Association of Batterers Intervention Programs, NAMA (National Anger Management Association), CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals), ACA (American Counseling Association), ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers), IAAOC (International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors), ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine), BHAP (Behavioral Health Association of Providers)


Phone: 760-981-7449

Name: Roxy West, MA

Title: Co Director/ Business Operations Manager/ Instructor

Description: My strategic vision and meticulous approach ensure the seamless functioning of our organization. With years of experience in optimizing processes and driving efficiency, I can play a pivotal role in the continued success of New Life Facility. Additionally, I strive to be a compassionate Mental Health Instructor, who brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to New Life's mental wellness programs. My expertise in fostering emotional well-being and promoting mental health awareness drives the overall wellness of our team and clients. 


Phone: 760-981-7449

Name: Mark Andrues

Title: Instructor

Description: I have over 24 years experience working with the 12 steps. Currently I am a student in my undergraduate program for addictive studies. Some of my greatest experiences have been when I was working as a residential counselor facilitating groups and helping clients towards their recovery goals. Additionally, my work with people in an outpatient environment has allowed me to guide clients while they encounter the pressures and triggers of every day life. I have a dedication for helping deliver on some of the lessons I have learned in life so that others may benefit from my experiences.

Certification: CAMS-II (Certified Anger Management Specialist-II), RADT-I (Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician-I)

Memberships: NAMA (National Anger Management Association), ACA (American Counseling Association)

Name: Michelle Villanueva

Title: Instructora/Instructor

Descripción: Tengo una experiencia única trabajando con personas en recuperación e transformando sus vidas. Como madre, he trabajado personalmente para convertirme en un mejor ejemplo para mi hija y para que tambien ella tenga oportunidades como le sea posible en su vida. Actualmente estoy inscrita en un programa para recibir un diploma de licienciatura en estudios de adicción. Mi meta es llegar a servir y representar a la comunidad latina y a las mujeres. Trabajo a partir de un modelo centrado en el cliente porque creo en la importancia de que sean ellos quienes conduzcan el tratamiento y los objetivos educativos. En mi vida personal he experimentado algunos de los efectos que el alcoholismo y la adicción pueden tener en las redes sociales. En resumen, mi deseo es ayudar a las personas a realizar sus sueños y que ejecuten todo su potencial. 

Description: I have a unique experience working with people in recovery and in transforming their lives. As a parent I have personally worked toward becoming a better example so my child will have as many opportunities as possible. I'm presently enrolled in my undergraduate program for studies of addiction. One of my passions is to reach some of the underrepresented population in our community such as Latinos and women. I work from a client centered model because I believe it is important for clients to be in the driver seat of the treatment and educational goals. In my personal life I have experienced some of the effects alcoholism and addiction can have on social networks. In the end I want to help people reach their dreams by executing their full potential.

Certification: RADT-I (Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician-I)

Phone (Spanish): 760-503-4583


Name: Lillian Dorton

Title: Operations Manager/ Social Media Manager

Description: I have a skill for working with various platforms to present an image that aligns with the vision and practices of a company. With New Life Facility I found a company that truly cares about their clients and wants to ensure that their needs and concerns are being addressed. This is most effectively done for many through engagement in the online world. I have a passion for overseeing company’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms. My duties include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interactions and planning digital campaigns to build community online. My goal is to use posts, comments and replies to engage with clients to develop a relatable company voice.