1. Where do I go to sign up and take the Educational Classes?

The Educational Classes are in person. You do not need to make an appointment and can just show up; However, classes fill up fast and it would be a good idea to reserve your spot with a phone call.


2. Are there any exams that will be required?

Depending on which course you select, it may be essential to complete assignments in a handbook that are designed for your personal development. Test are not required; Yet, there may be short quizzes during the courses to ensure the material is being learned. The certificate you receive is your evidence of knowledge of the material.

3. How long are the Classes?

Each class is different depending on your goals. They can last anywhere from one day, 18 weeks or beyond.

4. When will the certificate of completion be issued?

Certificates will be issued upon completion of your goal. They can be emailed and printed out directly following your final class. The certificate is printed on premium paper and includes the courses name your name, date of birth, address, and the length of time you attended the course. It also has the instructor's name and handwritten signature.

Still have a question? Call or text us and we will be happy to answer and additional questions.