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Gear up for the ultimate showdown of Super Bowl 2024, where the San Francisco 49ers are set to collide with the Kansas City Chiefs in a gridiron extravaganza that'll have you on the edge of your seat! But hold onto your hats because the real touchdown is happening at our epic Super Bowl potluck party! Get ready to dive into a flavor frenzy with over 40 pounds of deep fried mouthwatering wings ready to tackle your taste buds. And that's not all – we're unleashing a nacho bar that's nothing short of legendary! The best part? It's all on the house! So, pack your appetite, bring your touchdown dance moves, and join us for a feast of epic proportions. Leave your wallets at home, but don't forget to bring your A-game, your favorite dish to share, and, of course, enough fan spirit to power up the entire stadium. It's not just a party; it's a gridiron gastronomic gala that'll have you cheering, munching, and high-fiving your way through the Super Bowl madness! See you there, ready for a touchdown of taste and team spirit! 🏈🎉

Superbowl 2024

February 11, 2024

The New Life Facility is about to transform into a crafting haven as we gear up for an upcoming extravaganza that's more creative chaos than your average workshop! Picture this: members from the community are swooping in like crafting superheroes, armed with glitter glue, paintbrushes, and a treasure trove of DIY wisdom. The air is buzzing with the excitement of sharing and learning as the room transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors and laughter. Whether it's the seasoned crafters swapping tips or the newcomers diving headfirst into the world of artistic expression, the event promises to be a masterpiece of collaboration, creativity, and a whole lot of glitter. Get ready for a crafting rendezvous that turns the New Life Facility into a vibrant hub of inspiration, where every glue gun wielder is a hero, and every creation is a testament to the magic that happens when a community comes together to craft some joy!

Crafty Friday

February 2nd, 2024